Carolina Dog

America’s First Dog

Scout, a Carolina Dog, first American dog 
accompanied first Americans (known as Indians)

Dingo, first Australian Dog, cousin to the Carolina Dog  
accompanied first Australians to become wild again in Australia

Korean Jindo Dog, first Korean dog, cousins to the Carolina Dog
accompanied first Koreans to become a major role in Korean Society

New Guinea Singing Dogs, first New Guinea dog, cousins to the Carolina Dog 
(picture from Wikimedia Commons, Oldsingerman20 -

Until recently the dogs that shared the ancient First Americans’ homes (called First Americans by Canadians) were thought to have vanished along with the demise of First Americans. But in the early 1970s, while trapping fur-bearing animals for study Lehr Brisbin, Jr., Senior Ecologist at the University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, first sited Carolina Dogs on the Savannah River Site (SRS). He immediately noticed they looked very much like Australian Dingo Dogs. In the late 1980s more of these dogs were sighted on public lands bordering the SRS, on other large tracts of protected natural habitat at the U.S. Army's Fort Gordon in nearby Augusta, and in several other low country areas along the Savannah River. Dr. Brisbane and his colleagues have confirmed that these shy canines are, indeed, a separate breed that are direct descendants of the early First Americans’ dogs.  Carolina Dogs are the only domestic animal in America whose brothers and sisters of unknown numbers still roam wild in several parts of the south east in Georgia and South Carolina. Carolina Dogs were registered as a separate breed by the American Rare Breed Association in 1991 and later by the United Kennel Club in 1995. Carolina Dogs are classified in a group known as Pariah Dogs.

Here is the story of how they came to America. Homo sapiens (our ancestors) trek out of Africa began 60,000 years ago, when a small group left Africa. Some traveled west into today’s Europe and some west into Asia, populating most of Eurasia known as the combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia. Around 35,000 years ago, small groups left Central Asia and moved farther northeast into what is today’s northeastern Russia. These people were destined to become the first Americans. Along their trek they acquired a wild dog pup. Shy and resourceful they shared campfires with man. Now known as the  Australian Dingo, Korean Jindo Dog, New Guinea Singing Dog, and Carolina Dog; they were bred to assist in hunting and guarding young ones left alone at home. They rarely bit because for centuries any dog that bit a child went into the stew pot. Natural selection weeded out the biters. Affections quickly grew, and the dogs were buried alongside their masters.


Scientists have concluded that these dogs are their own species, descendants of East Asian dogs. Research led by the University of Sydney has definitively classified these animals as a distinct animal, Canis dingo, not Canis lupus as the wolf is. Rather they are cousins of wolves, most likely the Himalayan wolf.
Dr Crowther and his team created a benchmark description of the Dingo using skull and skin specimens from museums in Europe, Australia and America. Dingoes can be tan, dark, black and tan, white, or can have the sable coloration typical of German Shepherd dogs.
Dingo Not Strictly a Wolf...or a Dog

American Dingo: America's Only Native Wild Dog

Traveling east across the Bering Straits, then a land mass called Beringia, the First American’s trek east was interrupted by the Wisconsin Glaciation Ice Age with a 13,000 year layover. Finally, around 20,000 years ago, as the Ice Age began to wane, one small clan of Arctic First American dwellers skirted along the Pacific coast avoiding the glaciers. Over the next 2,000 years they spread out across North and South America arriving on the east cost 18,000 years ago along with their Carolina Dogs. There are two articles that give credibility to this story. 

At the Cactus Hill Archaeological Site (see located on the Nottoway River in Sussex County, 60 miles west of Norfolk, discoveries were made of 18,000 year old First American settlements and later others off Cape Charles and Cape Henry in the Chesapeake Bay region, land based at the time. Prior to the discoveries at Cactus Hill in the mid-1990s, most scholars had to push back their claim that the earliest humans had arrived in the Americas approximately 13,000 years ago. 
Secondly, according to Science Daily, September 1, 2015, “Ancient Hybridization Key to Domestic Dog's Origin, Wolf Conservation Efforts,” (see the Carolina Dog was a descendant of the first dogs brought to North America by humans at the end of the last ice age.
European diseases were the main culprit in wiping out millions of First Americans. Since Carolina Dogs were domesticated, their release into the wilds caused many to be unable to adapt, but some did. Today’s domesticated Carolina Dogs still reflect the challenges of wilderness survival, behaviors not observed in domestic dogs. Females dig small pits with a pattern different from other dogs, lots of little pits only in specific areas and only in the fall. In the wild they hunted snakes by biting their necks, flinging them into the air, cracking whip-like. They still do this with sticks. They are natural runners, have a keen sense of smell, and need lots of exercise. They make excellent family pets being loyal going back to the time they were part of a pack, usually picking one in the family as master, a trait of their “pack hierarchy.
That’s the story of Scout’s ancestors, a dog I found at the Virginia Beach Animal Control facility on Aug 30, 2009.  Scout was taken away from an abusive owner as reported by neighbors. The dog, at close to a year, had worms, double pneumonia (90% of lungs filled with water), and an eye put out by its owner.  Scout survived and today is a loving adorable pet. At first we didn’t know what we had and assumed Scout was a mutt, but our canine ophthalmologist set us straight. He said, “Scout’s a pure bred Carolina Dog.”

Scout has the run of Cape Henry Beach, an un-patrolled area that sees beer parties and lots of kids wading in the gentle waves of a shallow beach on Chesapeake Bay just four miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Scout loves to run off-lease and play on a beach full of friendly dogs. She is a sight when she is dancing with another dog on hind feet, her forepaws jousting in playful battle. She is Miss Welcome Wagon for most beach goers and most folks welcome her big black nose in their faces.
Scout (right) doing playful battle with Rigly, neighbor's mixed breed (22 Apr 2016)

At least three other dog breeds are cousins to the Carolina Dog, the Korean Jindo Dog, the Australian Dingo, and the New Guinea Singing Dog. Like the Carolina Dog they descended from the same wolf about the same time the First Americans domesticated their North Carolina Dogs. To follow the trail of these dogs is to follow the migration of man, clans that went off in different directions from the Central Asian bountiful grassy steppes 33,000 years ago. Like the Carolina Dog, these dogs returned to the wild at some point.
The New Guinea Singing Dog came with man from Australia when the island was connected to the Australian continent via a land bridge, or perhaps this migration happened in the reverse order. Australia and New Guinea were part of a landmass called Sahul, considered part of Southeast Asia up until 20,000 years ago when sea levels were lower during the Pleistocene ice age.

When the Ice Age began to wane and seas rose, the natives of Australia and New Guinea would be, for thousands of years, separated with their dogs, and, like the Dingoes, the New Guinea dogs maintained similar characteristics while the two human cultures diverged. The dogs were found to be shy and would engage in rough play with other dogs. They “scent rubbed” to mark their territory, and when called for attention, they swept their heads to one side and back quickly. Females emitted a repetitive sequence of loud, high-pitched yelps lasting a short time. They let themselves be washed, although with great reluctance, and don't swim as they have learned from snake bites. Set free into the wild they have been both a curse, killing livestock; and a blessing, playing a prominent role in native culture. 
New Guinea Singing Dogs "scent rub" in order to mark their territory,
Picture from Wikimedia Commons, Oldsingerman20

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